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Dave Sweeten - Furry Infiltrator - Looney Moon Experiment

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Experiments Vol. 1

V/A Compilation out 10/06/2014 on Looney Moon Experiment

"EXPERIMENTS VOL. 1". First Various Artists Compilation from LMX family compiled by Ryan Sweeten a.k.a. Heavenly Father. For you with love LMX Family <3




  1. Rhythmstar - Monkz on the Drumz
  2. Dave Sweeten - Furry Infiltrator
  3. Fractal Drogon - Space Seed
  4. Heavenly Father - Light @ the End
  5. PsyFi - Navigate
  6. Ratchet - And the Sun Comes Up
  7. Tha Fruitbat - Crystal Chards
  8. Zilla - Thoughts Between Noise
  9. Heavenly Father - Shoulder People
  10. Thorazin - Son of Jupiter
  11. RE SET - Deja Vu

You can preview the entire compilation here: https://soundcloud.com/looneymoon-experiment/sets/experiments-vol-1

Dave Sweeten - Furry Infiltrator


Tags: bass, glitchy, heavy, dubstep, addictech, Audio, Discography

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