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Basstream Radio is an internet radio show dedicated to educating humans, extra-terrestrial and alter-dimensional beings about intelligent beats and bass-heavy electronic music. Resident Hosts 2BE, Dave Sweeten, Diggabeatz, Ely Manzo, Heavenly Father, Nick Bliss, Mixotic, and Saint VII. Featuring Weekly local, national, and international guests.

Visit us at, a central place to stay informed on community happenings including upcoming shows, events, releases, contests, giveaways, free music and more. 



Every Sunday:
3pm-5pm Mountain
2pm-4pm Pacific
4pm-6pm Central
5pm-7pm Eastern
11am-1pm Hawaii
9pm-11pm GMT
10pm-12am United Kingdom
11pm-1am Italy/Germany/France

7am-9am Australia
9am-11am New Zealand

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Past featured guests, cast and crew include:

12th Canvas, 2BE, AaA, A.D.D.D., Ali Berger, A.L.O., Alpha Data, Archetek, ArcOne, Artifax, Audio Ruso, Auditory Canvas, Austin Speed, Atomikdog, Balthazar, Bar Duck, BassMechanic, Bionix, Billy the Robot, Bim Tim, Bird of Prey, Bmoreill, Buck Rogers, Burn Brighter aka Cyma, Carly D, Chase Manhattan, Cidlix, Circus of Mind, Dapper, DATgirl, Dave Sweeten, Diggabeatz, Djunya, Downspin, Drink, Dr. Knobz, D. Sharp, Dwauw, Elfkowitz, Eyere Eyes, Firesoup, Flavours, Fractal Sky, Freddy Todd, Griz, Gruff aka Bran Richards, HD4000, Heavenly Father, Heartwreck, Hipnotikk, Hypha, Illoom, Ion Driver, Jae Wonka, Janaka Selekta, Jeekoos, Jordan 10-E, Julliette, Kaminanda, Kinetic Eon, Kiran Notes, kLL sMTH, K-Mo Beats, Kno-1, Latter Day Dub, Left/Right, LMNL, Loom In Essence, Lotus Drops, Love and Light, Luxe Laredo, Matnetik, Marvel Years, Mad Zach, Meta Zen, MF Silva, Minnesota, Mike Z, Mixotic, MorZfeen, Mr Bill, Nanda, Nick Bliss, NovaTRON, OLiveR, One4All, Ooah, Period The End, Phidelity, Pillage, Plantrae, Pookie, Pressha, Psilogod, Psycache, PsyFi, Puppy Kicker, Quintana, Repltilian Bass Stationm, Ratchet, Rhythmstar, Ricochett, RudElgin, Ruff Hauser, Ryno, Saint VII, Samples, Seventh Swami, Shamanic Technology, Skope, Smasheltooth, Shap-er, Showka, SIXIS, S.P.E.C.T.R.E., Splatinum, Sponge, SR388, Steez, Sub Liquid, Submerged, Sugar House Stranglers, Terraform, Tha Fruitbat, The Breakbeat Elite, The Map Music, TinkFu, Trevor Kelly, Tuneboxii, Vince Vega, Voodoo Science, Whitebear,Willy Whompa, Xzentradi, Zapper, Zero One.

Tags: bass, whomp, midtempo, glitchy, dope, organic, heavy, breakbeat, breaks, dubstep, crunk, psychedelic, substruk, basstream, glitchfm, archive, mixtape, Latter Day Dub, podcast, DJ, EDM, electronic

Podcast Archive

  • DSP001 - Warp Speed Bass - Dave Sweeten - VirusAV095 by VA Mixed by Dave Sweeten
    VirusAV095 - VA Mixed by Dave Sweeten - AudioVisual Activist Podcast, Netlabel and Blog. Home of the Leeds based AudioVisual Collective. Providing you with a regular supply of face-slapping audio goodness and mind-blowing video nastiness. Genre: Warp Speed Bass / Drum and Bass Track Length: 01:02:59 Track List: Demon Cleaner - Right in the Heart Kutio - No End Mind Killa - Murena Esthetik - The Seeker M.Bass & Ero Drumm - Outside Sulex - Close Traffic Engage - Above the Clouds Quentin Hiatus & Kryptomedic - Nyctophilia Demure & Adityas Symbol - The 17th Colussus Mefjus - Distancia M.Bass & Ero Drumm - Glade Mauoq, Kolectiv, Kyrist & Dexta - The Fear Stray & Frederic Robinson - Thumbprint Sigil - Materialism Soulacybin - Through Love
    Created on 2015-06-09 20:38:44
  • DSP002 - Basstream Radio on Glitch.FM 141 Mixed by Dave Sweeten by VA Mixed by Dave Sweeten
    Basstream Radio Archive - Basstream Radio on Glitch.FM 141 || VA Mixed by Dave Sweeten Track list: 1. Basstream Intro 2.0 by Basstream Radio 2. Eternal smile by Mus Sck 3. Chute by Auma and Desiseq 4. Conscious Droplets by Kaminanda 5. Wingspan - Original Mix by Birds Of Paradise 6. Fever Dreams by Whitebear 7. Deity by Period The End 8. You are Divine by Kalya Scintilla 9. Neutral by Sub Liquid 10. Caravan Planet by Kalya Scintilla 11. Moonlit Horizons (Drumspyder Remix) by Desert Dwellers 12. Break Belief Bounce (Desert Dwellers Remix) by Kalya Scintilla 13. Macroprospectus by Period The End 14. Primal Stomp by Whitebear
    Created on 0000-00-00 00:00:00