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Review: DATgirl - DJs Girlfriend - Official Music Video


A sexy and colorful exhibition of what looks to be great parties and excellent times! G-rides, hot girls, and funny lyrics all backed by a bangin' breaks tune make this music video entertainment at it's finest.

Check out the links below to download the free tune and head over to DATgirlTV to hit like on this video.

*Discalimer: This review may or may not be biased, but watch the video regardless.


DATgirl - DJs Girlfriend Official Music Video: https://youtu.be/l843SHOhtcc

Free Song Download: https://soundcloud.com/datgirllivehardware

Directed and Edited by Datgirl. Song Produced by Datgirl and Zapper. Director of Photography Samuel Ali Productions. First Assistant Director FireSoup. Filmed by NicholasJ the Artist, Paul Yau, Zapper, and Cuzzin Daddy. Song Mixed Down by Heavenly Father, and Mastered by Bran Richards. Graphic Design by NicholasJ the Artist.