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Beloved King - The Broiler EP - Sick Sounds


Beloved King - The Broiler EP - Sick Sounds

Release Date - November 11th, 2011

Magnificent glitch fest from brothers Ryan and Dave Sweeten, also known as "Beloved King". Their debut album as a duo is a sonic smorgishborg. Glitchy and full of organic, analogue beats and original sounds from their California studios. Three tracks are on the EP and each one is well produced, interesting and premium! We at Sick Sounds are thrilled to host a glitch group as talented as the Sweeten Brothers. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming releases from Heavenly Father (Ryan Sweeten) and from Dave Sweeten as well. Exciting stuff. Take a listen!

01 - The Broiler
02 - You Got This! feat. Zapper and Friends
03 - Epiphany


Beloved King - The Broiler EP

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