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Ableton Shortcuts and Key Commands. Expand Your Worklfow in Ableton Live

Ableton Live Keyboard Shortcut By Wildtek

Key commands in any DAW can speed up our workflow and produce faster results once we take the time to learn. Used on a regular basis, they can become second nature and one of the most important tools in our workflow.

I came across this graphic (above) a few years ago and displayed it as my desktop background for several months to have something to reference when working in Ableton Live. Thanks to Wildtek for the graphic. (https://www.wildtek.net/)

This graphic is open-source so feel free to download the JPG image here: Ableton Live Shortcuts by Wildtek

Dave's Favorite Commands:

Here's a short list of some of my favorite commands that have made my workflow faster over the years. I've made sure to include both Windows and OSX platforms' commands in the list.

Duplicate Clip - Command/Control D - (Great in arrangement view for duplicating selected regions of your song and also for making micro edits and beat-repeat effects with samples.)

Toggle between session and arangement views - Tab (This can also be used while dragging clips from the session view to arrangement view or vice versa)

Toggle draw/pencil mode on/off - B

Create Midi Clip - Select region and Shift + Command/Control M

Activate/Deactivate Clip - 0 (zero) -  (This one comes in handy for leaving clips in your arrangement view when you're not sure if you you want to destructively delete yet. Thanks to Tha Fruitbat for pointing this one out ;-)

Consolidate Clips - Command/Control J (Think of the word 'Join' clips)

Split Clip - Command/Control E

Insert Silence: Select amount silence and Command/Control I 

Group Tracks - Select tracks to group and Command/Control G

Group Instrument or EFX Rack- Select plugins to group and Command/Control G

Rename Basically Anything - Select and Command/Control R

New Audio Track - Command/Control T

New Midi Track - Shift + Command/Control T

Zoom In/Out -  + and -

Quantize to global quantize value - Command/Control U

Quantize Settings - Shift + Command/Control U

Adjusting values - Use the up and down keys to adjust values incrementally. Also hit "Delete" to return the value to default.

This list is just a small collection of some of my favorites, and by far not all that I use. You can also access Ableton's complete list of key commands on their website here: https://www.ableton.com/en/manual/live-keyboard-shortcuts/

What are some of your favorite Ableton key commands/shorcuts? Feel free to leave your jedi tricks in the comments below. :-)

Image Source: https://wildtek.free.er



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